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Our Story

In March 2016, Redzone Cases was born. I just gotten the iPhone 6 and was tired of having just a plain black case on my previous phones. I'm a massive hockey fan and wanted to express that. I found cases for Basketball and Football but there was nothing for Hockey, so I figured why not make some myself. Within a week I had my first design finish (Patrick Kane), a manufacture picked out and started promoting on Instagram. March 12th 2016 at 8 P.M. was the day our store opened. At 7:57 P.M. we got our first sale, for not just one case but two! Yes, you read that correctly, we got our first sale before we officially went live. Back then I didn't know how to officially release products but good thing I didn't.

I always knew licensing was the way I wanted to take Redzone Cases, I wanted this to be legit, not just some side job. In 2018, I went for it... I reached out to both the MLBPA & NHLPA. I heard back from the MLBPA right away and they loved it. A few short weeks later, I was Officially Licensed by the Major League Baseball Player Association. It was wild. I decided I'm going full-time, I quit my job to focus on Redzone Cases and to make this the best company I can.

In 2019, I finally convinced the NHLPA to hop on board, we haven't looked back since.

Today, I'm still the only employee and I'm proud of it. Why am I proud of it? If someone has an issue with their order, I take it personally and want to help. If someone has feedback, I can personally take that in. Player/design request? I can make it happen (If it's requested enough). For a while, I didn't want potential customer not knowing I wasn't some big corporation but I'm proud of what I've built.

At the end of the day, I want everyone to have the best experience while shopping at RedzoneCases.com and I'll do everything in my power to make sure of it.

I appreciate not only those who make a purchase but anyone who visits my site. Never did I think this would be my full-time job but I love what I do.


Matt MacMillan