Top Selling iPhone Cases of 2022 (So far...)

Top Selling iPhone Cases of 2022 (So far...)
What's the best part about getting a new phone? Getting to buy a new phone case to go with it of course.
10. Auston Matthews Clear Series 2.0
Coming in at #10 is the only clear series case to make it in the top 10 but this won't be the last time you see Auston Matthews on this list of Top Selling Cases of 2022.

9.  Makar Star Series 2.0 Case
Honestly surprise he isn't higher on this list but I'm sure by the playoffs he'll fall in the top 5 without a doubt.
8.  Matthews WC Star Series 2.0 Case
Matthews yet again. Even when he's not reppin' the blue and white, he's a top seller.
7.  Matthews Star Series 2.0 Case
We're on our 4th case and we've seen Matthews for the 3rd time now. I think this shows the type of MVP season he's having.
6.  Boston Trio Star Series 2.0 Case
Fun fact, this is our #1 Selling Star Series Case for Hockey. Although, Matthews Star Series 2.0 is very close behind.
5.  McDavid Star Series 2.0 Case
The best player in the game. If anything we're surprise he's not higher on the list.
4.  Caufield Star Series 2.0 Case
Little surprise to see Caufield here but he did become our best selling player of all time during the magical run Montreal had last season. He seemed to find his game under St.Louis which is great to see.
3. Toronto Trio Star Series 2.0 Case
One of our best selling cases of all time. We expect it to stay like that for a long time.
2. Acuna Jr. Star Series 2.0 Case
Not surprising Acuna Jr. is on this list despite baseball not being played yet as we make this. 
1.  Kaprizov Star Series 2.0 Case
Coming in at #1 is none other than Karill the Thrill Kaprizov. No surprise here with the year Minnesota is having and how well he sold since we released him.

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