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2020 Black Friday Guide

November 03, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Black Friday 2020 is coming early this year and it's bigger than ever...

Starting: November 24th 2020 @ 8PM

Ending: November 30th 2020 @ 11:59PM

What's the deal? 

As always, this is our biggest sale of the year. This year is no different.

  • ALL Cases will be a minimum of 50% OFF. We'll have a select amount of cases for 83.32% OFF. For those doing the math at home, That's a $29.99 case for only $5.
  • Spend $30 or more and you'll get FREE Shipping. 

What's different this year compared to 2019 Black Friday?

Quite a lot actually. In 2020 we decided to redesign our popular Star Series Cases. We also wanted to make our processing time shorter, the only way to do this was to hold inventory. While the cases itself are better than ever and our reviews back us, unfortunately this means we only sell what we have in stock. While we do try our best to prepare for our Black Friday sale, we did have to place our order over a month ago. This means select designs may only have a few units left available and won't be restock until 2021.

Black Friday 2020 New Releases:

This year we're dropping 21 new designs which is by far our biggest drop yet. 8 of them our Black Friday Exclusives which you can read more about below. We wanted to make sure we had a case for every fan. We're sorry it took so long for some of the smaller market teams but as apology, you'll be able to snag a case at 50% OFF.

I heard about Black Friday Exclusive Cases?

That's correct! This year we wanted to do something different and bring in 8 new designs that will only be available until they're sold out. Once they're gone, they're gone forever. With them being new designs, we aren't sure how well they will sell. We decided to bring in 180 units for each design across 11 iPhone Models. Based on the reactions we've had on Instagram, they're going to sell out quick but we never know! 

Click here for Black Friday 2020 Exclusives:


When will Black Friday Orders ship? 

We'll get everything shipped as quick as possible, within a few business days. Please remember USPS & Canada Post will definitely have delays.

Please remember:

  • Just because you have an item in your cart, doesn't mean it's secured. We suggest if you're reading before Black Friday, quickly take a look now, get familiar with the site, be prepared and know what you want!
  • The following sizes iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and we're assuming iPhone 12 will be the quick sellers. 
  • Due to us upgrading our Star Series Cases to the 2.0 style, it takes a lot for our manufacture to make them and we also need a minimum amount to order at once. This means if one design is out in a specific size, we can't simply reorder more of that one design. If an item is out of stock, It won't be in stock until 2021.

Thank you all for supporting our small business!